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We are Nationwide Private Process Servers who Provide Experienced and Professional Service of Process and Subpoena Delivery Services to Registered Agents in Every State in America.

This website offers you direct contact to the best and most reputable Registered Agent Process Servers. Registered Agent Process Servers specialize in delivery of subpoena's, demand letters, notifications, and serve court issued documents upon registered agents on behalf of defendant corporations.

We are NOT affiliated with any registered agent, However we are A.C.E. process serving services that deliver and serve documents, in person only, to registered agents. We are a private company with no affiliations to any other entity. We do not have registered agent telephone numbers or email addresses, so please do not call and ask us for it. The only contact we have with registered agents, is in person and only face to face at their office. We serve process at the agents office in person only and ca not offer you alternate ways to connect with any registered agent other than to hire us to arrange for service at the designated office address.

Welcome attorneys, corporate counsel, paralegal professionals, and legal support service companies. We are here to assist you with service of process and delivery of your documents to corporate entities and registered agents.

Our specialized process serving services is your one stop solution to simplifying service of process upon any corporate defendant or witness entity through the correct registered agent or directly to a company physical office.

Registered agent process serving services are performed nationally by experienced and authorized process servers who provide flat fee pricing regardless of the location.

Now and for the first time in history, attorneys, law offices and paralegal professionals seeking the assistance of a Process Server to deliver a subpoena and service of process of urgent court documents can depend on one central agency to handle serving registered agents in all fifty states, including DC and Puerto Rico. Nationwide process serving can be handled from one email, one telephone number and on one registered agent specialty website. You can do so, by connecting with us. We save time, offer the lowest fees and guarantee peace of mind.

Again, we offer you direct access to the only database of the names and addresses of registered agents found in all fifty states. We are the only process serving service company who can serve and deliver to every registered agent in the United States, even when you need same day or same hour process service.

List of registered agent names and addresses and how you can hire a Process Server for service of process and subpoena services.

Process Servers at are employed and managed by A.C.E., Process Servers Inc. the leading nationwide process service provider utilized by the top laws firms in America for serving court process and delivering notices, demands and subpoena's to and upon registered agents and corporate offices in all fifty states, the District of Columbia (D.C.) and Puerto Rico.

The listings of registered agents in this site is the only one in the world and offers you the most comprehensive compilation of the nation's top registered agents. The site was compiled and created after many years of research, serving process and delivering urgent documents on behalf of the legal professionals.

Process Services offered by is the premier resource for obtaining information about the top registered agents, hiring a professional process server and where you can confirm service of process services to Registered Agents.

As the newest and most comprehensive nationwide directory of registered agent companies, representing more the ninety percent of all defendant and witness corporate entities in the United States, you are now connected to A.C.E., Inc. Process Servers - Specialists in coordinating nationwide service of process services. We are renowned Process Servers who serve registered agents everyday and everywhere and have successfully done so for twenty four years and more than 500,000 successful transactions with registered agents.

Process Servers at A.C.E. are a one stop registered agent process serving agency. When you need to engage the services of a process server to serve corporate lawsuits, orders, writs, citations, demands, notices, notifications, statement of claim or subpoenas. We have been told by hundreds of our clients access to this directory saves time, assists with avoiding mistakes and most importantly connects their needs with our services in a moments notice. We urge you to bookmark this site for future reference.

Process Servers at Registered Agent offer virtual and on-demand process serving services exclusively to attorneys, law offices, paralegals, and counsel. Remote service of process assistance is offered to legal industry professionals who need assistance with serving one or hundreds of legal documents to registered agents anywhere in the United States.

Process serving services include serving a summons; citation; order; writ; petition; statement of claim; complaints; cross complaints; small claims; class actions; USDC summons; federal subpoena; evictions; foreclosures; cease and desist; and, trial, witness and records subpoenas. We also deliver notifications; demand letters; proclamations, courtesy copies, and affidavits to Registered Agent offices and a daily basis.

As you become familiar with this website you will find it easy to navigate and useful for hiring a Process Server, finding the registered agent for the corporate entity you wish to effect service of process upon or delivery urgent documents to. If your intention is to select a Process Server to serve legal process upon or deliver documents to a corporate entity through its registered agent, please make sure you confirm the exact spelling of the corporate entity (the name as listed with the secretary of state) and confirm the address of its registered agent. If you need assistance with confirming or determining the agent, please feel free to contact us, we will assist you.

Again, we cannot emphasize enough the importance of making sure your paperwork lists the exact name of the corporate entity and the proper registered agent name to ensure successful effectuation of service of process. Most registered agents will accept service of process and legal documents without resistance provided you spell the entity name properly. If you spell the corporate name wrong and or are missing characters your service will be rejected.

From this point forward, when utilizing this website, you will save time, be able to obtain information and gather data about registered agents like no other private website in the nation. We invite you to spend time using our convenient search window above or simply click on the various links below. We designed easy access with you in mind and made every effort imaginable to make your search for a corporate registered agent easy.

We want to make sure this step your litigation and the step to take for service of process is easy and simple. In addition to using our website, we also offer free guidance and information about agents you may not find on this site. Should you have any questions or need additional information, please contact us by email or telephone and one of our licensed and knowledgeable Process Servers will gladly assist you.

About our custom search feature for identifying a registered agent for the purpose of hiring a Process Server for delivering time sensitive documents and for service of process of legal actions.

The special registered agent search window at the top of this page is offered to allow you easy access to find a registered agent name and address with just a couple of clicks. This feature is for the sole purpose of ascertaining the name and address of a registered agent for service of process, delivering urgent correspondence and or to deliver notices, demands and subpoenas. We encourage you to contact us with your questions and welcome you as a new client.

Process Servers focused on compliance, saving time and reducing your workload

Process Server compliance and governance professionals today are facing increasing complexity in service of process upon entities and their registered agent, often with minimal time and budgetary concerns. Staying on top of service of process, meeting deadlines, follow up on status and ultimately receiving the proof, return or affidavit of service for filing can quickly dominate your workload. We have this!

Our skilled Process Servers have been providing exemplary services for decades and will take on your service, handle all aspects of the service and be back with your affidavit, return or proof in a time frame that will never become a major part of your daily responsibilities. Simply put, you hire us, and we take over entirely. Give us a few days and you will be ready to move on to handle other responsibilities.

Process Servers working for deliver a new level of transparency and efficiency to meet the needs of its clients. With most working from home, diminished communication capabilities, and the sporadic business hours of registered agent offices, A.C.E., Process Servers will take full responsibility to connect with you as your service progresses and make the necessary plans to meet with the appropriate person at the registered agent office. We have this, no worries!

Please send us an email with any questions, to request a quote or when you are ready to activate your service. However, if you prefer to speak with our office please do so by calling 888-888-8888.

Our Process Servers answer email seven days a week from 7:45 am to 10:00 pm eastern time and answer our telephone, 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, Monday through Friday and 9:00 am to 2:00 pm on Saturdays. We are closed for every holiday and Sunday.

Nationwide Process Servers specializing in serving legal process and delivering subpoena's to registered agent offices and corporate entities in all fifty states.

I have been utilizing Nowion mobile notary and remote online notary services for the past year and a half. We have clients all over the United States and Nowion has been able to work closely with them. Our experience with Nowion has been seamless and their notary agents are wonderful. They handle all our mobile traveling notary and remote online notarization services. The fact that we can send an email and arrange to have all of our notary needs managed by one company has saved us time, reduced our workload, and minimizes expenses and fees. I would not consider using another notary company - why should I? Nowion is a one stop and shop nationwide notary service that takes over from the moment we send our request to them.

Sandra Constance-Ruiz, C.E.O., USA Express Mortgage and Title

To Connect With Our Office, Please Use The Contact Form On This Page. You May Utilize Our Form For Questions, Comments, And To Confirm An Appointment. We Reply Within Minutes And Welcome You To Nowion Mobile Notary And Remote Online Notary Services.


Our Most Popular Mobile Notary, Traveling Signing and Remote Online Notary "RON" Services:

Real Estate Closings, Signings And Notarization Of Buyer Seller Contracts

Our Mobile Notary Services Are Provided To Real Estate Professionals Throughout The Nation. When You Need To Retain A Notary Closing Agent, Nowion Offers You The Experience And Dependability Required For A Successful Closing

Notary Refinance Signings, Notarizing Refinancial Documents

Traveling Notary Services To Assist With Witnessing The Signing Of Refinancing Agreements Keeps Us Busy All The Time. When It Comes Down To It, Hiring An Experienced Notary Who Is Familiar With Refinancing Contracts, Works To Your Advantage. Hire An Experienced Nowion Mobile Notray or RON Agent And You Will Have Peace Of Mind

Mobile Notary Services, Signing And Notarization Of Legal Documents

Notarizing Documents Is Our Specialty. Thousands Of People, Professionals, Law Firms, And Businesses Have Relied Upon Our Notary Agents To Assist With Signing Legal Documents. We are NOT Attorneys A Such, We Do NOT Prepare, Nor Offer Any Legal Documents Or Forms, We Simply Notarize Documents Prepared By You Or Your Representative. We Offer Mobile Notary Services At A Location Of Your Choice Or If You Qualify, Perform Remote Online Notary a.k.a "RON" Where And When Permissible By Law.