We are Process Servers who specialize in serving legal documents, subpoenas, and urgent correspondence to Dima Kott

We are known for facilitating service of court documents, lawsuits, and delivery of subpoenas to the offices of Dima Kott

Registered Agent Dima Kott Requires Local Process Servers to Deliver Court Documents, Notifications, Demand Letters, and Subpoenas at their Offices.

Now you can have a local process server who is familiar with how to and when to serve Dima Kott work for you. We provide process serving services that are unconditionally guaranteed.

Please be advised, we are NOT affiliated with Dima Kott. We are A.C.E. Process Servers. We deliver and serve documents to their office(s). We are a private company with no affiliations to any other entity. We do not have telephone numbers or email addresses, so please do not call and ask us for it. The only contact we have with Dima Kott is in person at their office.

We serve process at the office of Dima Kott in person only, and cannot offer you alternate ways to connect with them other than to hire us to arrange for service at the designated office.

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